We’re still being brilliant…just elsewhere
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Be brilliant

build apps with ingenuity

and added + intelligence

What we do
  • We understand


    develop solutions

    and build apps

    with added + intelligence

  • App Development



    problem solving


    destroy the notion

    that it can’t be done

  • Smart Solutions


    coherent goals

    yield custom apps

    that meet your needs


  • User experience design



    design and passion

    turn ideas

    into meaningful moments

    and better


  • Technical consulting



    big data

    cutting-edge web tech

    if a solution doesn’t exist

    we’ll create it

    for you!

  • Smart solutions



    development skills


    expert build


    interface design

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    From small start-up ventures looking to build their first app to larger enterprise level projects pushing to expand into new markets, we love working with everybody.

    Here are a few of our clients:

    • We’ve worked with CA and Sega on a number of projects for the Total War brand including marketing apps, companion apps, and sign-up forms, such as chronicles.totalwar.com.
    • In partnership with Independents United, we’ve produced a series of social engagement apps and tools for the BBC, VUE Cinemas, Hotels.com, Johnnie Walker and others. All required innovative concepts to support large-scale advertising campaigns, with tight deadlines connected to non-digital media.
    • Polyvinyl wanted a custom website to present their artists and catalog to their customers & fans, with an e-commerce solution that would be very flexible and customisable, ease their workload in their warehouse, and simplify music industry-specific reporting tasks. No off-the-shelf product could do all of this, so we worked with them to build a custom CMS solution.
    • RINGR is the future of high-quality podcast and radio recording! We’ve provided RINGR a full UX design and technical service and developed the patented technology behind RINGR’s outstanding quality recordings.
    • Rockspring Property Investment Managers LLP are €8.2 billion European property investment manager, with an extremely busy Treasury department. They oversee loan compliance documentation for hundreds of loans and properties which are reviewed, approved and submitted by diverse stakeholders via software that we develop and maintain.
    • Traipse is a US based startup with a geo-enabled app that leads you on a themed tour of a historic business district, stopping along the way to learn interesting facts and complete riddles, brain-teasers, and other puzzles based on your surroundings. We’re helping Traipse expand to a national and international operation.
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    We’re still being brilliant…just elsewhere

    We're no longer taking any new business. Thanks for your support.



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